welcome to the new normal..shit on your foot..

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

The NEW NORMAL…? is:

everything on TV is a LIE being SOLD to you.

Organized : Deceit

separation of church and state?

EVERYTHING on what you think the NEWS is – is a LIE being SOLD to you to distract you from what IS TRUTH….   and to SELL YOU PHARMACEUTICALS that make you SICK…..

Sicker and KILLING You faster  –  than the Corn based diet you are already eating and putting in your Car is!!! (and Feeding your Pets!!!)

This ELECTION for president of 2016 is the biggest reality TV farce EVER, EVER, EVER, created and broadcast!

If you think VH-1 (former Music channel) reality show: “NAKED DATING” is funny or cute or whatever –

YOU ARE A PAWN in the NOW greatest MACHINE of DECEIT —-

and you thought the CATHOLIC Church had Population Control of Masses down to a fine art!!! LOL… Welcome To the New World Order and Say;  THANK YOU….

September 11, 2001 the Day the PATRIOT ACT was born, became Self Aware and began feeding souls to the masters…

and…. etc..

—- remember to wipe the shit off your shoe before walking on your carpet….


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