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SO YOU THINK – YOU Are REALLY voting FOR Mr Trump? and He is WINNING against all other BIG Money GOP Boys in those debates and primary elections?

ALL THAT work they did poor Ted Cruz and the other 25 people who can even remember their names now?? all the MILLIONS OF Dollars and Hidden Millions.

Who doesn’t have a Theory on why and what the heck is happening? well most people it appears.. my gawd the TRUE believers I see on TV shows being interviewed, Trump people are by far the most ignorant and BLINDED good folk America has ever risen up to a floating surface of a bullshit clown show happening right now..

Hillary people have HOPE for a Better tomorrow – they know AMERICAN IS STILL GREAT as far as it goes.. NAFTA made a big SUCKING SOUND we never heard – even though Ross Perot WARNED US when HE ran for President! George HW Bush and Clinton(s) didn’t hear him or care to… THE MONEY ALWAYS TALKS.

SO is Trump HELPING to PUT Hillary INTO Office? They are BFF’s from olden days.. she wants to be President its HER RIGHT, SHE has earned this shit,.. she is NOT Gonna wait or let some spoiled republican rich dickhead get in her way.. Boy Donald did a great Job of bowling down ALL THE GOP primary dingleberrys…!!!!! WOW…

option 2

the one I like after watching a painful 30 mins of that 1st debate! LOL a Debate?! A scripted shit show not unlike the CBS show called Survivor or Big Brother, or Duck Dynasty; all fake shit rolling down on our collective stupid heads while the cash rolls UP TO THE TOP of the FOOD CHAIN.. (we are the dumbest fucks…)  why watch a second version of that crap? Because the MEDIA IS MAKING MONEY…and we still believe VOTING makes a difference.

makes me sad to write that last part….we were taught differently.. but then came Reaganomics, and we just had to start bending over and taking it up the

….yes i digress… SO the GOP selected MIKE PENCE to be Trumps “VP pick” yet everyday all the media talks about is TRUMP in just 1 minute on all channel i bet his name is spoken 1000 times! giving him BILLIONS of DOLLARS OF FREE ADVERTISING! Did you wonder why he didnt need any money to run? not cuz he’s rich… the fix was in..

SO Mike Pence has done no actual work to get to the top.. he in a way is like Frank Underwood on Netflix’s  “House Of Cards” with a huge exception.. FRANK HAD to do a lot of WORK to become VP!

SO as the election day nears and all those HAPPY #MAGA TRUMP FANS THINK YEAH OUR MAN IS WINNING!! Cuz HE WINS HUGE BIG LEAGUE TRUST ME… ‘well great!’ You think..

i predict that; sure.. Jan 20?, 2017 will arrive and how many days before Trump steps aside? a week or month? and why what will he say? doesnt matter it will just happen – he will side aside and PRESIDENT PENCE will be PRESIDENT..just like Frank Underwood withOUT the Work!  media will scramble and then TELL US WHO PENCE IS (it will be too late for you to care) and what his Hard CORE GOP backbone is made of: and yes the right wing and evangelicals will love it, at first.. BIG INC will be in charge of US ALL! You only need to look to KANSAS to KNOW what it will LOOK and feel LIKE.. i know what it feels like, they start by taxing the LITTLE PEOPLE and workers, by taking AWAY TAX DEDUCTIONS and REBATES. raising TAXES on STUFF normal FOLKS BUY and CUTTING TAXES for the BIG Boys:  like yes.. the KOCH’S who own Kansas now. sucking us dry with  vampires’ straw!


…… i will get back to ya on the rest..

/ T5S

LOOK AT HIS BACKGROUND and what HE STAND FOR!  makes Kansas look NICE!